As part of my life's journey I decided to share one of my tours in Africa.

I have been living in Angola for the last 4 years, where I have been witnessing a very special development process, one you can see only when looking at your child growing.

Documentation of culture, people and their traditions is very important to me, so on this journey I will try to document as much as I can of the vast landscapes and the colorful people of Angola.

Before leaving Luanda, to go on this cross-country tour, I never imagined that I will discover the provinces of Angola to be, in fact, like different countries altogether.

I planned the tour to be in two rounds, one in the south and one in the north. For some of the places I had to go by airplane, as they were too hard to reach by land.

The information and history I write is non-formal, it is only what I gather from the people I meet along the way. I am not a writer or a historian, though since there is hardly any formally written history of Angola, I think it is important to document also the informal history, and even unchecked stories of the people on the road. Who can check the truth of history books anyway…?

Along with me I have Xavier, who performs as a driver, translator, researcher, producer and refrigerator operator – without him I could not reach certain people or understand many of the local languages. At the end of the day I told him he should become a history teacher.

Join with me on this journey, visit places you have never seen and meet the people who still know how to live in harmony with nature.


AfriTour Angola