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After many years of generally engaging in various types of cultural documentation, and African culture in particular; doing so through my weekly radio show, short films, art and culture events and so on, I have reached the point where I want to share my collected knowledge and images, both stills and video, with the world. And, what better place to do that than the World Wide Web, where I can also offer my skills and services to people, communities, tribes, families, artists, musicians or any other group or individual who would like any aspect of their private, cultural and even professional life documented; whether it be for personal reasons, commercial reasons or for being part of the archive of memories I would like to create for the sake of future generations.

So, welcome to the world of Human Culture as I see it.
I do hope you will enjoy the ride and, who knows, maybe even join in.

Shiri Paamony Eshel 

Photo Video Storyteller      

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