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The Concept

Hell's Kitchen NYC Community Film Festival

The Mission

Hell's Kitchen Films NYC: Celebrating the Neighborhood and its Community through Film.


Hell’s Kitchen is home to countless working artists and filmmakers. This helped shape our vision for Hell’s Kitchen Films NYC to empower and promote local artists while supporting local businesses.

Hell’s Kitchen Films NYC debuted in 2019, showcasing the work of local filmmakers and films with a specific connection to the neighborhood, successfully enhancing and enriching our sense of community. Moving forward, we are encouraged and excited to continue in our mission to promote both the old and the new of Hell’s Kitchen.





2019 Media
March 11th 2019 Jewish Business News 

“.... it’s actually Hell’s Kitchen Films NYC because it’s not only going to be a festival. It was created a few months ago in a bar located in Hell’s Kitchen and it came from a project that I started almost two years ago.”   By Tsipi Inberg Ben-Haim.

“.... Support from local businesses has been at once overwhelmingly positive and gratifying, and Shiri and Elizabeth will kick off Hell’s Kitchen Films NYC with a short film festival on Saturday, February 23rd”   By Evan Kanarakis


The people Behind


Festival Director

A graduate of the School of Visual Arts (SVA, NYC), Shiri Paamony-Eshel is an award winning filmmaker and photographer based in New York City. 
Since 2000, beginning in her native Israel, Shiri first worked in radio as both a manager and broadcaster with a focus on the culture and community of Africa. This prompted a move to Angola in 2010, where she spent several years engaged in a continent-wide project building a cultural archive of African videos and photographs, Shiri moved to New York City in 2014 to attend SVA and pursue a career in documentary filmmaking. Since her arrival, she has been an active participant in local documentary film projects and festivals, and launched the Hell's Kitchen Story, aimed at redefining the term ’social DNA’ by sharing the stories and experiences of those residents in her adopted home: Hell’s Kitchen. It was from the Hell's Kitchen Story Project that the inspiration for Hell’s Kitchen Films NYC was first seeded.

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